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In Praise of Life



In Praise of Life


Basic Information

Artist:Lee, Yi-hsun

Dimensions:Length 2852.5 cm、Width 490 cm

Material:Mosaic tiles



The Concept of Design

On the whole, the work is based on the core values “life, love, excellence, innovation” of National Cheng Kung University Hospital. The theme uses hands and white doves to symbolize medical personnel forming double hearts that protect the light of life. The huge banyan tree in the banyan garden at Cheng Kung University is the background, symbolizing the evergreen and robust characteristics. On the sides, children, pregnant women, people in rehabilitation and exercise represent hope and health. The bright colors in the image represent the praise to life, as if chanting in praise of life.


Setting Process:

Setting Process

Setting Process 2


Finished Product:

Finished Product

Finished Product 2

Finished Product 3

Finished Product 4

Finished Product 6


Public Prticipation:

Finished Product 7

Finished Product 8